Saturday, 31 March 2012

Jaguar XJ8 L Old World Luxury Meets Contemporary Sport

For ages the Holy Grail of luxury-car recipes has been to somehow blend sumptuous richness with sleek high-tech sport. But seldom are the fruits of such compromise anything close to perfect. For instance, when attempting this blend, definitely sporty luxury automobiles tend to look thinly contrived when they try to be olde-globe classic at the very same time. Likewise for plush quasi limos that try any sort of athletic sportiness.

A single of the couple of automobiles that is arguably pulled off this blend with deep genuineness is Jaguar's luxury flagship, the XJ8.

These massive sedans are provided in base XJ8 and hotter XJR models on a 119-inch wheelbase, or in XJ8 L, Vanden Plas, and Super V8 versions with a 124-inch wheelbase. All are powered by a four.2-liter V8. It tends to make 300 hp in XJ8, XJ8 L, and Vanden Plas or 400 hp in the supercharged XJR and Super V8. A six-speed automatic is the only out there transmission.

We lately got a week-long opportunity to test an XJ8 L, an knowledge that we really savored from starting to end. Indeed, when you park any XJ8 in your driveway, you immediately really feel your self standing straighter, shoulders squared, sensing the globe looking at you with envy.

And that feeling is not restricted to the exterior. The XJ8's upscale vibe permeates the whole car. A pull on the hefty chrome door manage reveals a cabin swathed liberally in high-high quality leather. That's complemented by deep, dark polished wood and tasteful hints of sturdy chrome trim.

Receiving substantially of the leather and wood is the dashboard, which remains fundamentally accurate to the classic Jaguar ethos -- organic styling, fundamental round gauges, and a minimum of gadgets.

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